ERIGRID 2.0 completed successfully its 7th General Assembly


The ERIGrid 2.0 Project held its 7th General Assembly from November 20th to 21st, 2023, in Kassel at Fraunhofer IEE. The successful meeting at the new campus was complemented by a guided tour through the new lab infrastructure. We would like to thank Fraunhofer IEE for your hospitality – it was a great meeting with fruitful discussions! Subscribe to newsletter ← ERIGrid 2.0 Training Activity conducted at SINTEF labs

ERIGRID 2.0 completed successfully its 7th General Assembly2023-12-08T08:36:24+02:00

INHERIT: New Technologies to boost sustainable, inclusive and resource-efficient cultural heritage


The new European funded project INHERIT aims at promoting sustainability of historic buildings while preserving their Cultural Heritage value by means of ICT and new technologies. INHERIT has just been launched in Athens. On average, 21.6% of the building stock in the European Union was built before 1945, and a significant percentage of it has heritage value. This enriches communities and makes Europe a favoured cultural tourism destination. However, there are various challenges and dilemmas facing the preservation, restoration, use, reuse interpretation and management activities in heritage buildings. INHERIT project was launched on 2 November 2023 in Athens, aimed at promoting [...]

INHERIT: New Technologies to boost sustainable, inclusive and resource-efficient cultural heritage2023-12-08T08:21:43+02:00

I-SENSE coordinates CHOICE, a new project set to create an impact on the global food chain


We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the groundbreaking CHOICE  project under the Horizon Europe initiative! Coordinated by I-SENSE Group/ICCS, this visionary project, unveiled during its first online kick-off event on November 24th, has gathered an impressive consortium of 16 partners from diverse backgrounds across 4 continents. The consortium includes 1 NGO, 6 SMEs, 2 Academic Institutions, 5 Research Organizations, and 2 Cooperatives and Producer Associations, all united to spearhead transformative changes in the global food system. At the helm of this endeavor is Dr. Angelos Amditis, the Director of Research and Development of ICCS/NTUA and the Scientific Manager [...]

I-SENSE coordinates CHOICE, a new project set to create an impact on the global food chain2023-12-12T14:57:24+02:00

ICCS opens the EIT Digital Office in Athens | Launch Event on 17.01.24


The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and ICCS are pleased to announce the opening of EIT Digital new office in Athens. On January 17th, EIT Digital invites stakeholders from the local community to celebrate the opening of the new office in Athens. Aiming at global impact through European innovation, EIT Digital expands its presence in Athens, and makes an important step towards promoting innovation, education, and entrepreneurship in the country’s digital technological ecosystem. Join us for valuable networking and inspiration, that will boost collaboration. It will be a great opportunity to connect with EIT Digital members, gain insights, and built new partnerships. Formal invitations and [...]

ICCS opens the EIT Digital Office in Athens | Launch Event on 17.01.242023-12-08T08:55:23+02:00

CARDIMED: a new project to enhance climate resilience, kicks off in Athens


Project CARDIMED help its Kick-off Meeting in Athens on September 27, 28 and 29. Τhe project aims to enhance Climate Resilience in the Mediterranean by mainstreaming Naturebased Solutions in systemic transformation. The project will demonstrate 47 different types of Nature-based Solutions through 83 interventions across 10 regions and 20 locations. Participating communities will establish the CARDIMED Resilience Alliance, which will function as the vehicle for expanding the network via upscaling the existing sites and adding new ones. The project expects to have 28 regions and 70 communities in the network by 2030, create 8000 jobs in the NBS sector, and mobilize [...]

CARDIMED: a new project to enhance climate resilience, kicks off in Athens2023-12-08T08:15:21+02:00



The second cycle of the workshop series for the development and enhancement of research and innovation in Greece has successfully completed Can we imagine and create an ecosystem that connects excellence and innovation without exclusions? What do Greek universities need to produce innovation for a global audience, but with a focus on their own strengths and the enhancement of local communities? What does innovation mean for research and how can we unleash the power that knowledge communities hold? The Onassis Foundation, the Sectoral Scientific Council (SSC) of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property of the National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation (NCRTI) and the Uni.Fund organized [...]

TECH TRANSFER 2022 – 232023-12-12T15:21:46+02:00

One Year of Science Agora


The event "One Year of Science Agora" was held with wide participation and in a pleasant atmosphere, featuring exceptional speakers from the collaborating entities of the Hub, Science Agora, Innovation to Society, Google, the teams distinguished in the Proof of Concept program of Science Agora, successful innovative businesses and significant industrial companies. The discussion was initiated by the heads of the organizations of Science Agora, Dr. Georgios Nounesis, President of NCSR Demokritos, Prof. Dimitris Bourantonis, Rector of AUEB, Prof. Andreas Boudouvis, Rector of NTUA, Prof. Ioannis Emiris, President of RC ATHENA and Prof. Ioannis Vasileiou, former President - Director of ICCS. In their statements, they referred [...]

One Year of Science Agora2023-12-12T15:25:19+02:00

5G-LOGINNOV Final Event: 5G Technology in the service of Maritime Logistics


5G-LOGINNOV project organized its final event in the Pretorian Palace at Koper, Slovenia on the 07th of November 2023. Experts, local stakeholders, industry leaders, project partners and political figures from the Slovenian Government participated in the event and were updated in latest progress and updates from the 5G industry to make ports and logistics more efficient and “smarter”. The final event included interesting presentations, live demonstrations and practical implementations of the 5G-LOGINNOV three living labs in Koper (Slovenia), Athens (Greece) and Hamburg (Germany). 5G-LOGINNOV’s vision was to optimize freight and traffic operations at Ports and Logistics hubs via innovative concepts, applications and devices supported by 5G technology, the IoT, AI-enabled data [...]

5G-LOGINNOV Final Event: 5G Technology in the service of Maritime Logistics2023-12-12T15:17:42+02:00

New project: Themis 5.0


European Commission backs pioneering new AI initiative that will increase the transparency of algorithms and accelerate the shift to more trusted AI-enabled services. AI technologies have become an integral part of our lives, influencing everything from healthcare to finance and transportation. However, one of the major concerns surrounding AI is its opaqueness. Many users find AI systems mysterious and unaccountable, leading to uncertainty and unease. THEMIS 5.0, a new research and innovation project funded by the European Commission, launches today with the mission to address these concerns and create a more transparent and explainable AI landscape. ATHENS, GREECE, 7 November 2023 The THEMIS [...]

New project: Themis 5.02023-12-12T15:13:01+02:00

I-SENSE at the 29th ITS World Congress in China


Dr Angelos Amditis, I-SENSE’s director and ERTICO’s Chairman visited China, Shuzou to open the 29th ITS World Congress (16- 20 October), one of the world’s most prominent conferences in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems. As the Chairman of ERTICO, he presented  developments in European research and policy in the field, participated  in plenary sessions as a keynote speaker, discussed in the ministerial roundtable and also took part in a series of B2B meetings with representatives from the Chinese Government. He also delivered the Industry Award, the Local Government Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award to distinguished recipients in dedicated ceremonies. Also, [...]

I-SENSE at the 29th ITS World Congress in China2023-12-08T00:55:13+02:00
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