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Λεπτομέρειες Έργου: Όνομα: SciLake Ερευνητική Ομάδα: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Έτος: 2023 Ρόλος του ICCS: Εταίρος Democratising and making sense out of heterogeneous scholarly content. SciLake’s mission is to build upon the OpenAIRE ecosystem and EOSC services to (a) facilitate and empower the creation, interlinking and maintenance of Scientific/Scholarly Knowledge Graphs (SKGs) and the execution of data science and graph mining queries on top of them, (b) contribute to the democratization of scholarly content and the related added value services implementing a community-driven management approach, and (c) offer advanced, AI-assisted services that exploit customised perspectives of scientific merit [...]




Promoting and Incentivising Federated, Trusted, and Fair Sharing and Trading of Interoperable Data Assets. Sharing data across organisational boundaries offers great opportunities for companies as well as for public institutions. However, due to a number of technical, organisational, economic and legal challenges, data sharing among different stakeholders on a global scale remains elusive. PISTIS stands for “Promoting and Incentivising Federated, Trusted, Fair Sharing and Trading of Interoperable Data Assets” and aims to create incentives for different stakeholders to share their data assets with each other, in a controlled, secure and fair way. To this aim, the 31 European project partners from [...]




    SEAMLESS will develop and adapt missing building blocks and enablers into a fully automated, economically viable and cost-effective, waterborne freight feeder loop service for SSS (Short Sea Shipping) and IWT (Inland Waterways Transport). […]

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