The Research Ethics Committee  of  ICCS is established to operate in accordance with the present Regulation and in accordance with the corresponding and voluntary application of the provisions of Law 4521/2018 (articles 21-28). Since 2022, the Committee ethically guarantees the reliability of the research projects carried out at ICCS. The Committee’s role is to ensure that all research activities and projects are carried out with respect for the value of human beings, the autonomy of the persons participating, their privacy and personal data, as well as the natural and cultural environment.

The Committee plays a critical role in ensuring ensuring that research involving human participants, animals, or sensitive data adheres to ethical standards and guidelines. Also  that any type and form of discrimination of the recipients of the specific project or those involved in should  be avoided, based on the criteria of nationality, race, origin, language, gender, religion, privacy, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability and the economic and social situation in which they find themselves.

The Committee consists of five full members and five alternate members. It reviews and evaluates research proposals submitted by researchers to ensure that proposed studies comply with ethical principles, legal regulations, and institutional policies.

Overall, the committee acts as a safeguard, ensuring that research conducted within ICCS upholds ethical standards and contributes responsibly to the advancement of knowledge while respecting the rights and well-being of participants and subjects involved in the research.