Exclusive Invitation to join ONCOSCREEN’s Oncothon during CRC Awareness Month!

The ONCOSCREEN project, in which ISENSE Group participates as the Technical Manager, is organising the virtual Oncothon, happening during the Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Awareness Month in March, and invites you to participate!

The Oncothon is dedicated to the topic “Improving patient experience” and focuses on enhancing the patient experience in colorectal cancer care. It aims to innovate in areas of patient comfort, understanding, and support, improving the overall journey for those undergoing CRC treatment and care.

The Oncothon is part of the Oncological Virtual Living Lab network, which works as an open innovation ecosystem fostering the co-creation of innovative pan-European colorectal cancer (CRC) solutions. By participating in the Oncothon, you will have an exclusive opportunity to extend the European network, gaining access to a diverse group of stakeholders from 38 partners across 15 EU member states and associated countries. This network includes technical experts, medical professionals, cancer researchers, patient associations, and policymakers. Additionally, participants stand a chance to win a special prize: a mentorship session from trainers of EIT Health Hub Lithuania to develop your idea further.

If you are a student, researcher, startup, or someone interested in the topic, you are encouraged to participate in the Oncothon. To join, simply follow these 3 easy steps:

You are also invited to join the Oncoscreen Living Lab Mentors Community by clicking on this link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=uy1DDa_e9UKv3oLWh4_f_72NkIY1KoxCud7B8wV4Sf5UOVZVVERGSFhXRVI4TUo5VU1XNTZINUVETi4u


Your expertise and guidance will be invaluable in shaping the future of cancer screening technologies.


Don’t Miss Out!

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