Unlocking Research Potential

Research at ICCS is heavily dependent upon excellent research infrastructure. We continuously invest in resources and improve facilities to ensure that researchers are able to pursue their ideas, transfer knowledge and undertake state of the art research with global impact. Our facilities, mainly based in the NTUA campus are ranging from UAVs, research vehicles and high-end development servers to well equipped lighting labs, 3D printers and biomedical simulations systems. We also collaborate with many other research institutions and universities to ensure our researchers have access to the very best facilities in the world. Facilities at ICCS include: Lighting Laboratory, Microprocessors Laboratory and Digital Systems Lab, High Voltage Laboratory, Computing Systems Laboratory, Biomedical Simulations and Imaging Laboratory, Photonics Communications Laboratory, Electric Energy Systems Laboratory, Driving Simulation Laboratory, CMSS Lab, Virtual Reality Lab, High-end development servers, Eye Tracking System, 5G Testbed, Research Vehicle, Mobile Sensor Platform, Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, UAVs- Octacopters, 3D printers, Wearable Devices