The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)’s visit at I-SENSE Group of ICCS

It has been a great honour for ICCS welcoming the Director of European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), Marina Zanchi, and Katleen ENGELBOSCH, Anna Katrami, Jean-François Junger, and Stéphane Hogan at the premises of ICCS in Zografou (National Technical University of Athens – NTUA). The meeting (held on May,15th) has been a great opportunity to demonstrate how innovative research at I-SENSE can build on HaDEA’s vision for a safer, healthier society and how HaDEA’s projects are making a difference in our community.

ICCS’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of research has always been supported by HaDEA’s vision for building a safer, healthier society and a competitive European Digital Economy. Prof Ioannis Psarras, Director of ICCS and Dr Angelos Amditis, Research and Developement Director of ICCS welcomed the representatives.
From smart technologies for Crisis Disaster Management, IoT devices, sensors and wearables to extended reality applications and tailored industrial sorters, our researchers’ live demos have provided evidence on how the projects funded by the HaDEA can deliver concrete results that benefit the lives of all EU citizens and contribute to a more healthy, resilience and fair and European industry.
Through dialogue, shared goals, and a commitment to excellence, we leveraged each other’s strengths to enable the technologies of the future, paving the way for further achievements.

Our distinguished visitors had the opportunity to watch live demos of innovative technologies developed by our Unit
✨ Digital Triage Tag – Digital System and Wearable Device for registration and monitoring of victims of mass casualty incidents (MCIs)
✨ Extended Reality technologies and applications for improved safety practices and training, user friendly IoT interfaces
✨ Wearables and localization sensors (biometric sensors, portable environmental sensors) and IoT systems
✨ Collaboration lines – industrial sorters enabling human- robot collaboration, testing facilities in industry 4.0.

All demos are based on technologies developed in the frame of currently running projects with HADEA such as ONCOSCREEN, ONCOVOC, ONCODIR Dig_IT , SPRINTER ASSIST-IoT Project, W2W, TERAVISION,  Trineflex, MASTERMINE Project REDOL EU Project PLASTICE.

Congratulations to all, the Director of ICCS, Prof John Psarras, ICCS’s Research and Development Director and I-SENSE Director, Angelos Amditis, our technical director Giannis Karaseitanidis and all TMAT members and Division leaders  (Dr Eleftherios Ouzounoglou, Dr Georgios Tsimiklis, Dr Dimitra Dionysiou, Dr Fotios Konstantinidis,Dr Vasilis Sourlas, Dr Tina Katika) for the warm welcome, presentations and demos. Special thanks to George Megas and the Innovation Unit of  I-SENSE Group for organising this meeting.

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