Coordination of Automated Road Transport Deployment for Europe

Automated Road Transport (ART) is a major technological advancements that will influence and shape our future mobility and quality of life. ART encompasses passenger cars, public transport vehicles, and urban and interurban freight transport and also extends to the road, IT and telecommunication infrastructure needed to guarantee the safe and efficient operations of the vehicles.

In this framework, CARTRE is accelerating the development and deployment of ART by increasing market and policy certainties. CARTRE, which stands for “Coordination of Automated Road Transport Deployment for Europe” is a CSA EU project, is funded by EU H2020 programme and consists of 36 partners and a number of associate partners, aiming to support the development of clearer and more consistent policies of EU Member States in collaboration with industry players, ensuring that ART systems and services are compatible on a EU level and are deployed in a coherent way across Europe.

CARTRE includes a joint stakeholder’s forum in order to coordinate and harmonise ART approaches at European and international level. CARTRE creates a solid knowledge base of all European activities, supports current activities and structures research outcomes by enablers and thematic areas and involves more than 60 organisations to consolidate the current industry and policy fragmentation surrounding the development of ART.

Within this project ICCS will focus on the connectivity of automated road transport, on ergonomics issues of relevant technologies and developments and on the respective future research needs. Moreover, ICCS will work on the mid- and long-term visions of automated road transport systems and on the guidance on national testing regulations of such systems. Finally, ICCS will contribute on the trilateral cooperation among EU-US-Japan, mainly related to connectivity and impact assessment from the ART introduction in traffic.