Hyper Network for electro-Mobility

In recent years there have been significant developments in Electromobility in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors, but electric propulsion of road vehicles is still far from commonplace. A step change is required in order to reduce the dependence of road transport on fossil fuels, to improve air quality and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A key factor preventing many car owners and fleet operators from switching to electric vehicles is the limited range of vehicles and the lack of interoperability of recharging facilities (including access and payment). This particularly works against the adoption of electric vehicles for intensive or long distance use.

The NeMo –Hyper Network for electro-Mobility– European project directly addresses these issues and supports European and national policies in favour of clean fuels in the transport sector, including the EU’s Clean Power directive (2014/94/EU), which embodies also the deployment of “alternative fuels infrastructure”, including infrastructure to recharge or otherwise assist Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The project basic objectives are to:

  • Make electromobility more attractive and facilitate its mass adoption, acting in a catalytic way across the entire energy management cycle of electromobility, including battery and smart grid recharging management.
  • Facilitate increased service availability and the better planning and more secure electric grid operation, by making backend data and services accessible to the right actors and bringing down digital and physical barriers.

To achieve the aforementioned objective the project consortium, which is consisted of 19 partners from eight European countries, will develop build a Hyper-network of tools, models and services to provide seamless interoperability of Electromobility services among all relevant actors. This Hyper-network will be a distributed environment with open architecture based on standardised interfaces, in which all electromobility actors, physical (i.e. Charge Points, Power Grid, Electric Vehicles) or digital (i.e. Charge Point Operators, Distribution System Operators, Electromobility Service Providers, EV owners, etc.), will be able to connect and interact seamlessly, in order to exchange data and to provide improved electromobility ICT services in a fully integrated and interoperable way via an open virtual Cloud Marketplace.

The I-SENSE Group of ICCS is the project Coordinator, the responsible for all administrative and financial issues and the project technical manager. ICCS will lead the work relevant to Data Management in the Hyper-Network, will develop the grid-related services and will plan and monitor the project dissemination and liaison tasks.