Implementation of data exchange used for digital maps for Union-wide multimodal travel and real-time traffic information services on the TEN-T network

TN-ITS GO is an EU funded project started in January 2018. The project vision is to bring updated map data to intelligent transport services. Specifically, the project aims to facilitate and foster the exchange of ITS-related spatial road data between road authorities as trusted data providers, and, data users as map makers and other parties.

TN-ITS GO will enhance the quality of existing TN-ITS services. TN-ITS is concerned with the exchange of information on changes in static road attributes. Static meaning that the attributes are of a more or less permanent nature, even though they may sometimes change such as speed limits. The focus is in general on road attributes based on regulations, but may extend to other road and transport related features. It is important that digital maps for ITS are highly up to date for attributes that are critical in terms of safety and efficiency. The map providers cannot easily keep their maps up to date for such attributes, while up-to-date maps are a key asset for ITS applications. The solution is to retrieve the information on changes from the road authorities. As they create the changes, they are the most efficient and immediate source for such information. This requires digital storage and maintenance on the side of road authorities, and some kind of flagging of changes. With governments going more and more digital, systems for such digital storage and maintenance are increasingly available.

A consortium has been built, uniting new partners – road authorities and operators across the EU -, champion countries, which are experienced in TN-ITS, and existing map makers. A total of 15 Member States are involved in the project, which is funded by DG MOVE under a CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) grant. The phases of the project have already been mapped out, but the implementation progress will depend on the degree of readiness of the individual member states. The different levels of maturity of the implementations make it easier for followers to implement on the basis of the experience of the earlier Member States. Nonetheless, the project should conclude in December 2021 with nine new implementations and six operational services of TN-ITS.

Greece is participating in the project with the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and ICCS.

ICCS is a technical consultant to the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which is the data provider, aiming to facilitate the implementation of pilot TN-ITS services and the study of the best approaches to operationalize the service in the long term. The vision is the existence of updated and trusted ITS-related spatial road data available in a standardized way for ITS applications in Greece.