A circular economy approach for lifecycles of products and services

CIRC4Life is an innovative 3-year multidisciplinary research project, running from May 2018 to April 2021. It has received 6,3M Euros funding from the EU Horizon2020 research programme with 17 partners from 8 EU countries. The project is aiming to demonstrate a systemic and eco-innovative circular economy approach for sustainable products and services through their lifecycles. This includes:

  • Three new circular economy business models: co-creation of products and services, sustainable consumption and collaborative recycling and reuse, which are to be demonstrated in two industrial sectors, electrical and electronic products and farming/agri-foods;
  • Effective means to communicate with wider communities to disseminate the project outcomes;
  • An ICT platform to support project  development, demonstration, dissemination and communication.

These three new CEBMs of ‘Co-creation of Products/Services’, ‘Sustainable Consumption’ and ‘Collaborative recycle/Reuse’ will be developed and demonstrated in electrical and electronic products and farm/argri-food sectors. In EEE sector, two types of LED lighting products are considered: industrial lighting in workshops, stores and other industrial environment; domestic and contract lighting products used by householders, hotels, offices, etc.; in addition, computer tablets are also considered.  These sectors are selected as  (i) they are essential and important to our daily life with significant impact on sustainability, as further presented in  and (ii) the demonstrations in the two different industrial sectors will illustrate that the new CEBMs are generally applicable for different areas.

ICCS is the CIRC4Life quality manager, responsible to implement quality processes which ensure that CIRC4Life delivers its outputs to the highest quality standards. It is also leading the implementation, development and test of the to be created ICT platform as well as for the interfaces integration with the ICT platform. Finally, ICCS will also contribute to the whole project consortium effort towards the best exploitation and dissemination of the project results.