The final results of C-Roads Greece in a Factsheet

The C-Roads Greece updated Factsheet in English has been designed to offer a concise overview of the project’s technology results and outcomes from the 2 testing pilots conducted on the Greek highways Attiki Odos and Egnatia Odos S.A. The Factsheet serves as an effective communication means used to enhance the project’s visibility during outreach activities and project meetings.

The English factsheet includes the following information:

  • Project partners
  • Project’s main goal
  • C-Roads Greece Functional Architecture
  • C-Roads Greece Building Blocks
  • C-Roads Greece C-ITS Services
  • C-Roads Greece use cases, activities and results
  • Project’s contact information (website, social media accounts)
  • Contact details with the consortium
  • EU emblem and the required acknowledgement text.

For further information about the C-Roads Greece technologies for more effective, sustainable and safer transportation as well as the detailed results of the project read the Press Release.

C-ROADS Greece Factsheet English_3ptyxo_FINAL

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