The main project objective is to establish a virtual internet-based engineering campus for laboratory exercises. These exercises will target students in mechanical, electrical and civil departments, as well as Physics education in high schools and preparatory engineering. This will be achieved through the following main tasks:
1. Develop several electronic laboratory exercises for engineering education. These exercises will be web based so that students can access these laboratory exercises from home and go through different experiments to complete a certain lab sheet or homework assignment.
2. Several experiments will be carried out at the university campus, and will be controlled through web-based application.
3. Besides regular exercises, the students will be able to communicate interactively with online instructors to have the maximum benefit of regular classrooms.

Egyptian universities face the problem of overcrowded classes and laboratories; hence there is a difficulty of delivering high quality education, which will affect the quality of graduating engineers.  The wider objective is to produce a new generation of engineers capable of performing constructive engineering work in different engineering fields; mechanical, electrical and civil; in fast changing business environments.  This can be achieved by introducing the missing experimental part in teaching of these courses without the burden of building new labs. This will be done by making these experiments available virtually over the internet, available to the students 24 hours to repeat the experiment as many times as necessary to meet the learning objectives of the experiment. Several e-learning programs exist nowadays with regards to courses and teaching material but there are no e-experiments. It is expected that the new eLab will attract other teaching organizations in Egypt, Europe and the Arab countries to benefit their students from the new teaching technology and methodology.