SmartAttica aims to constitute the reference AI EDIH of Greece and increase the digital maturity of Greek businesses and local authorities through increased AI uptake. Its thematic focus lies upon 3 financial activity sectors which are critical for the targeted Attica region and the Greek economy. These sectors, Energy and Environment, Supply chain and mobility, as well as Culture and Tourism, are also aligned to established international and national actions for green, sustainable, inclusive digital growth. The Hub is based on existing clusters and EU-wide initiatives, making it a valuable policy-support instrument towards key EU directions. SmartAttica mobilises powerful infrastructures and facilities, from 5G to HPC to the entire NCSRD smart campus, where solutions of all sectors can be deployed, tested and analysed. SmartAttica services (test-before-invest, upskilling, networking and investment support) will seamlessly integrate with ΕΕΝ and local business networks. They will also build upon the world-level Hub’s expertise on AI, supported by the HPC & Cybersecurity consortium knowhow, but also horizontally integrate the human-centric, ethics-by-design EU AI vision, and infuse resilience and sustainability considerations across service provision. SmartAttica will mobilize an inclusive, collaborative innovation ecosystem bootstrapped through its unique arsenal of 17 partners, which constitute major stakeholders in Greece & EU in AI and bring significant additional knowhow in domains such as HPC, Cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, and domain knowledge across all thematic focus areas. This expertise and the varying roles of the partners guarantees the empowerment of the beneficiaries, offering a full range of services coming from research and academia, private sector entrepreneurship, banking and financing, technology transfer, accelerators, public sector and local society representatives, social change catalyst, national infrastructures.