Resilience-centric smart, green, Networked EU Inland Waterways.
ReNEW represents a multidisciplinary group composed of 24 participants from 11 countries of the European Union capable of playing a key role in supporting the transition of IWT to smart, green, sustainable and climate-resilient sector. To achieve this, the project will build on previous results, will capitalise on cooperation opportunities with ongoing projects and initiatives and will deliver:
  1. An interdisciplinary IWT Resilience and Sustainability decision-support framework incorporating innovative models for IWT infrastructure networking interdependencies linking to probabilistic risk and safety analyses and resilience quantification (Resilience Index), supporting the identification of short- and long-term measures that enhance resilience utilising SOA building blocks from Reference Projects
  2. Targeted innovative infrastructure resilience and sustainability solutions building on autonomy developments and maturing green energy options;
  3. A Green Resilient IWT Dataspace and generic Digital Twin providing primarily data sharing between infrastructure monitoring, RIS and traffic management and emergency systems and climate solutions;
  4. Four Living Labs designed to provide exemplars from a) LLs focusing on integrated IW and hinterland infrastructure [Gent-urban, Douro- corridor, Netherlands EU network perspectives] and a LL addressing specifically inland waterway resilience;
  5. ReNEW Outreach and Upscale activities designed to maximise impact pathways.