Revealing the role of GEOSS as the default digital portal for Building Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Applications

Innovative applications for Earth observation.

Earth observation (EO) relies on space-based and ground-based data, which requires advanced processing applications. The EU-funded EIFFEL project will deliver innovative applications to the EO-based community that can exploit existing GEOSS and external datasets with minimal data collection operations. The project will design added-value services interoperable with GEOSS, using AI-based cognitive search and metadata augmentation tools to extract meaningful information and improve GEOSS metadata, and propose new methods for augmenting the spatiotemporal resolution of explored EO data to support diverse EIFFEL CC adaptation and mitigation applications. EIFFEL will cover a set of five different GEO societal benefit areas (SBAs) for various EU geographical and climatic regions at local, regional, national, cross-border and pan-European scales.