The European-funded Ride-to-Autonomy project aims to contribute to the development of new modes of mobility that will lead to healthier, safer, more affordable, more sustainable, more cost-effective and responsive transport. Demonstration of the integration of autonomous buses in public transport will be a hallmark of this project, including their interconnection with other modes of transport such as, for example, offering transport on multimodal transport hubs, and their integration into the overall transport system. Ten different pilots will be tested to test the performance of innovative and automated mobility solutions in cities of different sizes and technological, economic and geographical status, as well as to analyze the safety, socio-economic and environmental impacts and acceptance of such solutions by their users. society in general.

Ride-to-Autonomy additionally aims to harmonize research and innovation efforts around automated transport solutions, bringing together the lessons and experiences learned not only from the ten project pilots taking place in ten different EU Member States, but and by several additional stakeholders who have expressed their willingness to share the knowledge gained through their own projects and automated driving demonstration activities. To this end, Ride-to-Autonomy includes the coordinators of three major bus demonstration projects: SHOW, FABULOS and ARTFORUM to validate two key project outcomes: the “Scalability Model” and the “Experience and Knowledge Guide” . This knowledge base will significantly accelerate the implementation of innovative automated transport solutions and services across Europe, thus taking full advantage of such solutions as part of an integrated system of sustainable mobility.

ICCS concerns the technical support and performance evaluation and evaluation of the Greek pilot of the city of Trikala, which will demonstrate the operation of two autonomous buses that will connect the city center with the intercity bus station of the city, in a mixed traffic environment.