Manufacturing of high investment, long service life, one of a kind or highly customized products such as working machines, cranes, ship, trains, power plant equipment, aircraft and spacecraft is important for Europe. Thus, the EU27 export of machinery and transport equipment is €0.65 trillion, which is 42% of the total €1.55 trillion exports of goods. This industry employs over 7.4 million people in 872 thousand enterprises with a production value of €0.98 trillion (5.5% of EU’s GDP) .
This project investigates new business models, methodological and technical grounds of such services.
In the Use-it-wisely project, we propose to investigate the business model, when such innovative upgrades are performed through a purposeful sequence of small, innovative and frequent steps. Over a long period of time, it will appear the product-service constantly adapts to the changing goals and business environment. During the project we will identify the cases where the adaptation works best, find the appropriate upgrade step size, and demonstrate the benefit of product-service agility. We will also show the collective cost, duration and environmental impact of all small and frequent upgrades are smaller than those of large and infrequent upgrades.