Tomorrow’s Elastic Adaptive Mobility

Changing from static to adaptive mobility drivers, travellers, and mobility infrastructure should act as a TEAM adapting to each other and to the context.

By providing comprehensive real time information systems TEAM aims at creating the best mobility conditions in each situation, filling the gap between  anticipation (e.g. trip planning) and reaction (e.g. accident avoidance and active safety) in the “window of interactive participation”.

The project main objectives are to:

  1. Advance communication technologies that underpin V2X by integrating LTE and by developing an automotive cloud-computing platform to support decentralised traffic management algorithms.
  2. Develop proactive algorithms and technologies to enable behavioural change to improve transportation networks taking into account real-time needs of all network users.
  3. Include nomadic devices such as smartphones or on-board units to realise massively distributed collaborative control and optimisation concepts.
  4. Illustrate the systems’ benefits in a pan-European mobility test.

ICCS is participating at all TEAM subprojects (SPs) and is leading the third SP which is related to the realization of flexible and elastic infrastructures.