An Augmented Reality solution for warehouse picking

SMARTFLEX focuses its research efforts in the support of the order picking process, which industry and academia An Augmented Reality solution for warehouse pickingtestimonials document it as the processes with the bigger potential of added value improvements being very expensive, prone to costly errors and of high labor intensity. The SMARTFLEX solution aims to upgrade the work experience within the warehouse, decrease the learning curve time for new employees and enhance the flexibility and smartness of the logistics process within the warehouse and for the benefit of the whole supply chain network. The proposed research will provide warehouse managers with an innovative software and wearable product solution based on Augmented Reality technology. Furthermore, SMARTFLEX product will be seamlessly integrated with existing warehouse management systems in a WMS close to agnostic fashion in order to effectively support the order picking process for contemporary distribution centers and
enhance the solution’s scalability in different industrial environments.