Security Assurance Framework for Networked Vehicular Technology

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly capable of establishing connectivity that allows the rich-information exchange between them and road infrastructure units. The so-called ‘connected-vehicles’ paradigm can bring-about an enormous potential towards safer transportation only if the involved security needs against a variety of ‘new’ threats are confidently satisfied.

The H2020 SAFERtec project (01/2017-12/2019) seeks to in-depth explore the involved vulnerabilities of connected vehicles, apply innovative techniques for attack modeling, experimentally validate the quantification of security assurance levels and also contribute to relevant standards. With a total budget of 3.8 million Euros funded by the European Commission, 9 partners of industrial, SME and academic profile coming from 6 different countries join their expertise to contribute to the vision of introducing a security assurance framework tailored for future networked vehicular technology.

ICCS serves as the project’s coordinator and holds a leading role in the development of an online toolkit that will realize the proposed assurance framework as well as the dissemination of the SAFERtec achievements and actively participate in modeling (e.g., use cases definition) and software development tasks (e.g., smartphone apps).

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