Prevention, mitigation, management of infectious diseases on cruise ships and passenger ferries.

The Healthy Sailing consortium that comprises of 25 partners from 12 countries, brings together inter-disciplinary knowledge and significant experience related to infectious disease prevention, mitigation and management (PMM) on-board large passenger ships. Healthy Sailing project aspires to present a comprehensive approach introducing innovative, multi-layered, risk and evidence-based, cost-effective tested measures for infectious diseases prevention, mitigation and management (PMM) differentiated for large ferries, cruise ships and expedition vessels.

I-SENSE Group main role in the project lies in the design, development, testing and deployment of an integrated e-surveillance system (E-SS) for performing syndromic, laboratory and environmental health surveillance on-board passenger ships to achieve early health threat detection.  ICCS will also be involved in the development of an integrated e-pass system for optimised embarkation and effective and continuous tracking of travelers and will further contribute to the validation and technological demonstration of these systems.