A kickoff for the European project FUTURAL

On June 15 & 16, 2023, the kickoff meeting of the European project FUTURAL took place in Athens. During the two-day meeting, both the discussions and presentations focused on the project objectives around the five main project domains: circular bioeconomy, biodiversity and ecosystem management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, shock resilience, citizen engagement and quality of life, and finally lifelong education and training. ISENSE group was represented by Tina Katika and Spyros Bolierakis.

FUTURAL aims to set prototypes and demonstrate innovative technological and business models in six pilots across Europe, which differ in terms of geographical but also socio-cultural context, emphasizing social groups such as women, young people and vulnerable groups with the ultimate goal of empowering rural areas, enhancing their resilience, sustainability and connectivity of these areas and ultimately the quality of life of citizens living in Europe’s rural areas.

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