5G for cooperative & connected automated MOBIility on X-border corridors

5G-MOBIX is a H2020 project running from November 2018 to October 2021 and deployed by a consortium of 46 partners. The consortium’s vision is to pave the way towards a sustainable and profitable 5G deployment in Europe and beyond, to significantly advance beyond the state of art, connected and automated driving functions and thus to accelerate the take-up of automated vehicles. Thanks to the 5G disruptive technologies, advanced automated driving functions will provide higher levels of automation including the possibility of exploiting driverless vehicles in complex environments. Consequently, these automotive technology breakthroughs will enable the rise of new automated mobility concepts and business models using 5Gaugmented intelligent road infrastructures.

5G-MOBIX will:

  • Formulate a comprehensive set of 5G technological requirements for advanced Cooperative and Connected Automated Mobility (CCAM) relevant for the automotive, telecom, IT and services industries, and for R&D and public authorities.
  • Establish corridors to evaluate complementary 5G technologies and advanced CCAM in both highway cross-border and urban mobility scenarios under all conditions.
  • Analyze costs and benefits of dedicated and validated 5G architecture and CCAM to justify commercially the proposed recommendations.
  • Explore and assess new business opportunities for CCAM with 5G.
  • Provide 5G deployment scenarios and recommendations to drive CCAM adoption and effective implementations from business and policy perspectives.
  • Sustain standardization and spectrum allocation by actively contributing to the discourse.
  • Scale up and replicate for a global adoption of the 5G for CCAM.