WASABI aims at providing SMEs with the tools and knowledge to improve workers capacities and performance, providing advanced user interfaces for continuous augmented hybrid-decision-making. Such interfaces assist employees in interacting with complex software, effectively reducing its skill floor. In consequence, humans will find using software easier and be more open to applying it effectively at work.

WASABI’s advanced interfaces will cover, for instance, situation analysis, intervention identification, action planning and execution, and impact monitoring and mitigation. One of the key technologies in WASABI’s solution portfolio is the digital intelligent assistant (DIA) – an anthropomorphic, task-oriented AI with a conversational interface. A network of DIHs that will help boosting impact by guiding SMEs in this new path will be created and integrated within other existing DIH networks.

Our customized, federated, whitelabel shop will include such DIAs and skill-packages to help organizations reach their sustainability goals. Blue-collar and white-collar workers will be capable of using it for hands-free or eyes-free computer-interaction, AI-based advice and guidance, and augmented analytics.

Themis 5.0
I-SENSE coordinates CHOICE, a new project set to create an impact on the global food chain