New project: Themis 5.0

European Commission backs pioneering new AI initiative that will increase the transparency of algorithms and accelerate the shift to more trusted AI-enabled services. AI technologies have become an integral part of our lives, influencing everything from healthcare to finance and transportation. However, one of the major concerns surrounding AI is its opaqueness. Many users find AI systems mysterious and unaccountable, leading to uncertainty and unease. THEMIS 5.0, a new research and innovation project funded by the European Commission, launches today with the mission to address these concerns and create a more transparent and explainable AI landscape.

ATHENS, GREECE, 7 November 2023

The THEMIS 5.0 consortium of researchers, technologists and industry specialists are proud to announce the official launch of an exciting new project aimed at enhancing and accelerating the shift towards more trusted AI-enabled services. With a kick-off meeting in the heart of Athens, this initiative is set to revolutionise the way we all interact with and perceive Artificial Intelligence (AI).

THEMIS 5.0, a European Commission funded initiative coordinated by the Italian technology company Maggioli, will unlock the immense power of human judgment to evaluate the trustworthiness of AI solutions enabling people to provide invaluable feedback on how to improve these systems. The project aims to enable AI users, including citizens and organisations, to unpack what is commonly termed the ‘black box’ of AI algorithms used for a particular system, helping them to better understand both the data used and the decision-making processes involved. As a result, users are empowered to challenge systems, identify biases, and provide constructive feedback to AI developers and providers.

Taking a holistic approach to building an ‘ethical by design’ trustworthiness framework with an educational chatbot agent to take users through the process of assessing AI solutions, THEMIS creates an ecosystem approach to bring together AI developers, providers and users empowering them to co-create responsible, ethical and trustworthy systems. This approach aligns with Europe’s commitment to fostering innovation that is not only cutting-edge but also socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable.

Key Objectives of THEMIS 5.0:

  • Enhancing Transparency: The project aims to demystify AI algorithms, making it easier for users to understand how AI decisions are reached.
  • Championing Accountability: THEMIS 5.0 encourages users to challenge AI systems, enabling them to pinpoint biases and problematic aspects.
  • Customization and Ethical Embedding: Users can embed their values and norms into AI systems, creating personalised experiences and ensuring that AI aligns with their ethical standards.
  • Continuous Improvement: The project’s feedback loop will provide developers and providers with valuable insights, enabling them to improve and refine AI solutions.

Hara Stefanou the project’s coordinator from Maggioli, stated, “THEMIS 5.0, is a groundbreaking endeavour that signifies a giant leap towards making AI more transparent and trustworthy. By enabling users to actively participate in AI’s decision-making processes, we are empowering them with the tools to shape AI according to their values and expectations.”

The launch meeting in Athens served as a nexus of diverse thought and perspectives, bringing together 16 partners hailing from 9 European countries. This convergence of multi-disciplinary expertise set the stage for an exciting three-year transformative journey. As the consortium embarked on planning co-creation workshops and the development of three use cases for designing, developing, and rigorously testing AI trustworthiness solutions, it became evident that the meeting had ignited a collective spirit of collaboration and shared commitment to the project’s success.

The meeting ended with all partners poised to forge a path toward cutting-edge ‘trust’ solutions that will benefit not only the consortium but also the broader community and the AI industry as a whole.

The THEMIS consortium invites researchers, technologists, policy makers and the public to follow the innovation journey as the project promises to reshape the AI landscape in a more responsible, ethical, and transparent manner. Its only by working together across domains, cultures, and geographies that a shift towards a world where AI is designed and implemented, with the utmost consideration for ethical values, can be made possible – building a brighter and more trustworthy future for all.

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THEMIS 5.0 has received funding from the EU Horizon Europe research and innovation programme CL4-2022-HUMAN-02-01 under grant agreement No.101121042, and by UK Research and innovation under the UK governments Horizon funding guarantee, grant numbers to be confirmed.

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