The 4-year FLEXITRANSTORE project aims to contribute to the evolution towards a pan-European transmission network with high flexibility and high interconnection levels. This will facilitate the transformation of the current energy production mix by hosting an increasing share of renewable energy sources. Novel smart grid technologies, control and storage methods and new market approaches will be developed, installed, demonstrated and tested introducing flexibility to the European power system.

The project will develop a next generation Flexible Energy Grid (FEG) by incorporating novel technical features into the conventional grid, and will create new business models and a new wholesale market infrastructure which will incentivize new business perspectives for cross borders resources management and energy trading between European countries. The FEG components and the digital market infrastructure will be deployed in 8 Demonstrations which will take place in 6 countries, namely Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Belgium and Spain. Schneider Electric will participate in Greece, Cyprus and Spain demonstrators, contributing with Saitel and MiCOM families of RTU.

Funded by Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (grant agreement no: 774407), this project has a €21.7M budget and lasts from November 2017 to October 2021.

Partners: European Dynamics, Schneider Electric, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (National Technical University of Athens), Technical University of Sofia, KIOS Research Center (University of Cyprus), Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Loyola University Andalusia, EMAX, WING, Abengoa Innovacion, JEMA Energy, General Electric, Smart Wires, C&G, STER, Software Company, Independent Power Transmission Operator, Bulgarian Electricity System Operator, Transmission System Operator Cyprus, Nester, Operatori Sistemit Transmetimit, CEZ Distribution Bulgaria, Elektro Ljubljana, Electricity Authority Cyprus, Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange, VPP Energy, Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority.

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