ERTnews feature Robotic Systems at NTUA ECE Labs IRAL & CVSP

Τhe following two links show video-demos broadcasted recently by ERT (ERTnews &  ERTFLIX), as part of its education reportage, for two robotics systems at the NTUA ECE Labs  IRAL and CVSP, developed in collaboration with other teams for:  1)  Assistive Robotics  (i-Walk: Intelligent Robotic Walker for mobility and cognitive assistance of elderly and motor-impaired people), and  2) Social Robotics (BabyRobot: Child-Robot Communication and Collaboration):
1) Assistive Robotics:  i-Walk 
Date shown by ERTnews: 09 Feb 2023
2) Social Robotics:  BabyRobot
Date shown by ERTnews: 27 Oct 2022

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