CARDIMED: a new project to enhance climate resilience, kicks off in Athens

Project CARDIMED help its Kick-off Meeting in Athens on September 27, 28 and 29. Τhe project aims to enhance Climate Resilience in the Mediterranean by mainstreaming Naturebased Solutions in systemic transformation. The project will demonstrate 47 different types of Nature-based Solutions through 83 interventions across 10 regions and 20 locations.

Participating communities will establish the CARDIMED Resilience Alliance, which will function as the vehicle for expanding the network via upscaling the existing sites and adding new ones. The project expects to have 28 regions and 70 communities in the network by 2030, create 8000 jobs in the NBS sector, and mobilize over 450 M€ in climate investment.

I-SENSE Group will be leading the efforts to create and optimize digital tools facilitating NBS uptake for climate resilience and adaptation, which include the creation of a citizen engagement app.

CARDIMED is coordinated by the Sanitary Engineering Laboratory of NTUA and consists of 50 partners.

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