Bio-Streams constitutes a holistic solution addressing all checkpoints on:

  • Health data management (i. collection, ii. curation, iii. de-identification, iv. harmonization, iii. maintenance, iv. regulatory),
  • Knowledge handling (i. access, ii. analysis, iii. transfer, iv. exploitation / reinforcement),
  • Risk assessment (biomarkers for metabolic outcomes),
  • Prevention & healthy-living interventions (i. nutrition, ii. exercise, iii. psychology) and
  • Community awareness & mobilization (i. guideline dissemination, ii. health literacy, iii. citizen engagement, iv. stakeholder participation).

Bio-Streams mobilizes a diverse group of partners with clear in-project duties to design, create and deploy the following in multiple settings involving 7 hospitals in 6 EU countries & 5 school sites in 5 EU countries: The first EU Childhood/Adolescence Obesity Biobank (EU data space – Bio-Streams Biobank) acting as an EU-wide data-sharing center for research and innovation, hosting real & synthetic data and ensuring:

  • Standardized data collection, exploiting knowledge from European Core Health Indicators
  • Data model with demographic, behavioral, clinical, genetic/epigenetic and cost data
  • Expandable Data Network hosting diverse datasets across countries via EU-wide local hubs