PDI connectivity and cooperation enablers building trust and sustainability for CCAM

PoDIUM is a new project under ERTICO’s Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility (CCAM) focus area. For the next 36 months, the 26 partners of the project will work together to achieve higher levels of automation in CCAM and foster the deployment of advanced CCAM systems and services.

PoDIUM (full name PDI connectivity and cooperation enablers building trust and sustainability for CCAM) will address the challenges in road automation and telecommunications linked with connectivity, cooperation, data management, interoperability and reliability to foster the development of advanced CCAM solutions. The project will identify and assess the connectivity and cooperation enablers and needs to reach higher levels of automation and advance key technologies in the sector. This will be achieved through demonstrations in real-life conditions of specific use cases in three Living Labs in Germany, Italy and Spain, in urban, highway and cross-border environments.

The project will result in the PoDIUM reference architecture, a flexible model that is applicable in various road environments based on the infrastructure equipment and which uses a multi-connectivity approach and an interoperable and hybrid data management environment. This will contribute to accelerating important technologies in the Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI) and creating new business ventures.