ITS Observatory is an 1.3 million European research project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (GA no 653828), aiming (a) to bridge knowledge fragmentation across Europe by creating a common easily accessible EU-wide database (DB) for ITS, research, pilots and deployment projects, (b) support ITS deployment by creating an intelligent software platform, (c) create an efficient user-friendly decision-making tool which will enable fact based policy making and to create a common EU Library for ITS projects, research, pilots and implementation.

The ITS Observatory will comprise three main elements:

  1. a database of projects that have been completed or are underway, predominantly those with Commission funding/co-funding;
  2. a mechanism for capturing factual up to date information about projects and
  3. a front-end to allow users to make a range of inquiries.

In addition, the ITS Observatory will contain articles, briefing notes, fact sheets etc. illustrating results of ITS deployment.

The ITS Observatory will alleviate existing gaps and fragmentation of the European ITS landscape by providing decision makers and related stakeholders with access to reliable, understandable and coherent information on outcomes (benefits and impacts) of existing and ongoing ITS deployment, supporting them in developing factbased policy objectives and strategies.

Through knowledge sharing the ITS Observatory will foster a faster take-up of deployment, avoiding ‘reinventing the wheel’ and previously identified pitfalls and hence leading to larger scale implementation.

ICCS is leading the workpackage on the architecture and design of the ITS observatory and it is participating on requirements, development and validation tasks. Find more about the current status of the respective project’s work here.