Accident Avoidance by Active Intervention for Intelligent Vehicles

The interactIVe project is co-funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme and its full title is “Accident avoidance by active intervention for Intelligent Vehicles”. It addresses the development and evaluation of next-generation safety systems for Intelligent Vehicles, based on active intervention. Safety technologies have shown outstanding capabilities for supporting the driver in hazardous situations. Despite their effectiveness, currently available systems are typically implemented as independent functions. This results in multiple expensive sensors and unnecessary redundancy, limiting their scope to premium-class vehicles.

The project is based on the concept that by integrating applications together, vehicle components may be shared among the various safety systems. This is accomplished in interactIVe by discrete architectural layers that are common to all applications. These provide large amounts of knowledge about the driver, state of the vehicle, and the environment to all interested applications. The overall result is an optimal use of resources, lower implementation costs, and ultimately a much broader acceptance of the technology.

The ITS group is coordinating the data fusion research activities of the project. It is co-leader in the “Perception” sub-project with DELPHI.

eCall (eΚΛΗΣΗ)
Invitation For Expression Of Interest For 2 Contractual Positions (in Greek):"ΕΠΕΚΤΑΣΗ ΚΑΙ ΕΞΕΛΙΞΗ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΝΕΛΛΗΝΙΟΥ ΣΧΟΛΙΚΟΥ ΔΙΚΤΥΟΥ (2023-2025)"