The holistic EV-CHAIN solution will play a central role in all the transactions taking place in the electric vehicles charging stations, aiming mainly at personalising and automating the process. The development of the central EV-CHAIN platform using Blockchain technology and the complementary P2P application “EV-CHAIN Wallet” aims at facilitating the process for both the end users and the charging station operators. The charging station operators will be able to register to the platform and determine the debit method, while the end users will be able to choose from a map a charging station according to their preferences and secure their payment.

The optimal charging points will be brought forward according to the analysis of the passages along with proposals with the optimal charging stations in buildings located alongside the highway. The simulation, evaluation and finalisation of the proposed technological solution EV-CHAIN in highways and urban centers will take place with the involvement of Egnatia Odos. and the Public Power Corporation. Development of new business models, based on a sharing economy for promoting the usage of electric vehicles.

The types of services to be provided are summarised by the expected objectives of the project.

Objective 1: Design a comprehensive EV-CHAIN solution that will be a central hub for each transaction at electric vehicle charging points, with the ultimate aim of personalization and automation of the billing process for electric charging vehicles.

Objective 2: Development of the central EV-CHAIN platform using “Blockchain” technology and machine learning algorithms, as well as the related P2P application “EVCHAIN Wallet” for electric vehicle drivers and station owners charging. Owners will be able to import their charger into the platform and determine the charging method, while vehicle drivers will be able to search for the next charging station on an interactive map and proceed to payment securely.

Objective 3: Simulate, evaluate and finalize the EV-CHAIN technology solution in highway and large urban centers, with the participation of EGNATIAS and PPC.

Objective 4: Development of new business models, based on the sharing economy, to promote electrification


Project start date