The overall objective of the project is to “bridge the qualification gap of professional engineers to the EU labor market”.

Its purpose is to present engineering as a human and social as well as a scientific, technological and innovative activity. In social, economical and cultural contexts; engineering is one of the few activities that connect with almost all of them.

The proposed program will bring together courses in engineering, sustainabile development, appropriate technology, international education and development, business, and various fields of humanities and provides an opportunity for professional engineers to enroll in a concrete training program of study in EG universities and, at the same time, take some of their socio-humanities electives, technical electives, and independent study classes in courses emphasizing engineering for EG.

The proposed interdisciplinary program is offered to professional engineers interested in community service and international development. To examine these issues and challenges, a wide variety of people will contribute to this project, including engineers, economists, scientists from the public and private sectors, and from the profession and universities.

The proposed program will be developed in partnership with a wide range of academic and nonacademic groups in EU and EG to address three different engineering displines different courses,Mechnical, Electrical and Construction.