DECIDO (eviDEnce and Cloud for more InformeD and effective pOlicies) enables PAs to take full advantage of shared data, analytical tools and methodologies, computational power and cloud services and co-created data, for the development of better targeted and more effective evidence-based policies, leveraging on the capabilities and services offered by the European Cloud Infrastructure.

The main mission of DECIDO is to demonstrate the ground-breaking impact of the adoption of cloud infrastructure to gain access to shared data in the field of Evidence Based Policy Making. DECIDO will provide PAs with an integrated interface for the definition of policy making workflows (from evidence gathering to policy definition and evaluation) enabling the orchestration and integration among tools and services made available by EOSC, with customized tools provided by DECIDO partners and relevant (big) data coming from public, academic and private data providers. DECIDO will develop solid and realistic business plans to ensure the long-term sustainability of the results considering legal, ethical and security aspects. DECIDO will also facilitate the introduction of co-creation in evidence-based policy making allowing the active involvement of citizens and communities in the process. Hence DECIDO will also contribute in enhancing trust and boosting the perceived legitimacy of authorities.

DECIDO methodological and technological approach will be assessed in different exploitation scenarios -demonstrating the value of collaboration, technology transfer and cross-pollination in 4 flagship pilot activities in 3 disaster risk management domains: floods (IT), fires (ES, FI) and power outage (EL). Data and service interoperability and portability will be granted through the use of ISA² core vocabularies, in describing dataset produced and used by PAs. Considering the complexity of the challenge DECIDO aims to address, a multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary partnership has been set up to perform all the envisaged activities.

Project start date