The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems is ruled by a seven member Governing Board (G.B) consisting of the Director (Prof. Dr. John Psarras), Deputy Director (Prof. Dr. D. Koutsouris) three Professors of SECE, and one  permanent Research Scientist of ICCS. The Director, Deputy Director of the G.B are elected by the Senate of NTUA and three members are elected by SECE. The remaining member of the G.B are elected by the Association of ICCS Scientists. The G.B serves a 4-year term.

The Institute is an independent non profit organisation and has its own Accounting Department which is audited every year by external auditory. ICCS is participating to EC co-funded projects as an Additional Cost Partner.

ICCS is organised in Research Units which are linked with the SECE Laboratories and are leaded by ICCS Research Scientists and SECE Professors.