Proposal ID: 883520
ICCS project ID: 63113200
Role: Partner
Topic: SU-DRS03-2018-2019-2020
Type of action: IA
Call identifier: H2020-SU-SEC-2018-2019-2020

STRATEGY: Facilitating EU pre-Standardization process Through stReamlining and vAlidating inTeroperability in systems and procEdures involved in the crisis manaGement cYcle

Duration in months: 36
Fixed keyword 1: Crisis management
Free keywords: Standards, Interoperability, Pre-Normative Research

STRATEGY will develop a pan-European framework of the pre-standardisation activities for systems, solutions and procedures, addressing crisis management, validated by sustainable tests and evaluation frameworks which will improve the crisis management and disaster resilience capabilities, including EDA initiatives in the CBRN-E area. Based on the needs identified from previous EU initiatives and the desktop research on the EU priorities, the project addresses six streams within the Crisis management phasma, such as Critical infrastructures protection, Response planning, Search and Rescue, Command and Control, Early Warning Systems and Rapid Damage Assessment and cross correlates them with six distinctive building blocks of the interoperability areas such as Common Procedures, Training, Terminology, Data sharing and Equipment as well as the CBRN-E emergencies. Aiming at selecting and implementing existing, evolving and new standards within solutions, tools and procedural guidelines and recommendations STRATEGYwill streamline and validate technical and organisational interoperability in a fully transboundary configuration with means of standards through the implementation of uses cases involving EU and National Standardisation bodies. STRATEGY aims at a consistent presence of all actively involved experts from security stakeholders throughout all stages of standardisation, from the preparatory work done in Programming Mandates until the concrete standardisation work in Technical Committees (TCs) and Common Working Groups (CWGs) to assure the success of the standardisation actions of the EC. The ultimate project goal is to strengthen the resilience of EU against all types of natural & manmade disasters (multi-hazard approach), by ensuring FR safety and empowering their operational capacity though validating the standards of next generation solutions and procedures ensuring an effective and efficient collaborative response.

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