Proposal ID: 101021274
Role: Partner
Topic: SU-INFRA01-2018-2019-2020
Type of action: IA
Call identifier: H2020-SU-INFRA-2018-2019-2020

PRAETORIAN: Protection of Critical Infrastructures from advanced combined cyber and physical threats

Duration in months: 24
Fixed keyword 1: Security, Cybersecurity
Fixed keyword 2: Critical infrastructure, emergency systems, security, safety engineering
Fixed keyword 3: Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Fixed keyword 4: Risks and vulnerabilities assessment, Protection
Free keywords: Situation Awareness, Cascading effects, Critical Infrastructure, First Responder, Digital Twin, Combined physical and cyber threats, Resilience, Natural disaster, Man-made incident, Coordinated attack

PRAETORIAN strategic goal is to increase the security and resilience of European CIs, facilitating the coordinated protection of interrelated CI against combined physical and cyber threats. To that end, the project will provide a multidimensional (economical, technological, policy, societal) yet installation-specific toolset comprising: (i) a Physical Situation Awareness system, (ii) a Cyber Situation Awareness system; (iii) a Hybrid Situation Awareness system, which will include digital twins of the infrastructure under protection; and (iv) a Coordinated Response system. The PRAETORIAN toolset will support the security managers of Critical Infrastructures (CI) in their decision making to anticipate and withstand potential cyber, physical or combined security threats to their own infrastructures and other interrelated CIs that could have a severe impact on their performance and/or the security of the population in their vicinity. The project will specifically tackle (i.e. prevent, detect, response and, in case of a declared attack, mitigate) human-made cyber and physical attacks or natural disasters affecting CIs. It will also address how an attack or incident in a specific CI can jeopardise the normal operation of other neighbouring/interrelated CIs, and how to make all of them more resilient, by predicting cascading effects and proposing a unified response among CIs and assisting First Responder teams. PRAETORIAN is a CI-led, user-driven project, which will demonstrate its results in three international pilot clusters –some of them cross border– involving 9 outstanding critical infrastructures: 2 international airports, 2 ports, 3 hospitals and 2 power plants.

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