Proposal ID: 883441
ICCS project ID: 63113600
Role: Partner
Acronym: STAMINA
Topic: SU-DRS05-2019
Type of action: IA
Call identifier: H2020-SU-SEC-2018-2019-2020

STAMINA: Demonstration of intelligent decision support for pandemic crisis prediction and management within and across European borders

Duration in months: 24
Fixed keyword 1: Public health and epidemiology
Fixed keyword 2: Infectious diseases
Fixed keyword 3: Security
Fixed keyword 4: Disease control
Free keywords: Pandemics, response, preparedness, crisis management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Common Operational Picture, early warning, NLP, predictive analytics, diagnostics, PCR, bioinformatics

STAMINA develops an intelligent decision support toolset for pandemic prediction and management and demonstrates its use by practitioners at national and regional levels within and across EU borders. The STAMINA toolset enables national planners and first responders to anticipate and respond to the the “known-unknowns” in their daily effort to enhance health security. Main functionality of the toolset includes:
• Real-time web and social media analytics aiming at public trust monitoring and flagging possible disease outbreaks
• POCT and smart wearable diagnostic devices for first line screening
• Predictive modeling of pandemic outbreak and its impact, along with decision-making support in implementing mitigation strategies,
• Early Warning System
• Crisis management tool defining the roles and actions of key actors during crisis management
• Scenario Generation tool for creation of training scenarios
• Common Operational Picture as the main interface of the solution enabling timely and coordinated response
The toolset is accompanied by a set of Guidelines on effective implementation of risk communication principles and best practices in cross-organisational preparedness and response plans.
The use of the STAMINA toolset will be demonstrated through 12 national and regional small-scale demonstrators and one large-scale cross-border simulation exercise involving all consortium partners.

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