Proposal ID: 963540
ICCS project ID: 63115800
Role: Partner
Acronym: MARBEL
Topic: LC-BAT-10-2020
Type of action: IA
Call identifier: H2020-LC-BAT-2019-2020


Duration in months: 42
Fixed keyword 1: Electric Propulsion
Fixed keyword 2: Electrochemistry, batteries and fuel cells
Fixed keyword 3: Sustainable transport
Free keywords: Lightweight versatile battery pack, recycled aluminium, easy disassembly, clip, reuse, ecodesign, safety&performance tests, smart cell manager, BMS, balancing circuit, predictive maintenance

With the goal of accelerating the mass market take-up of ultra-high-performance batteries for battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), MARBEL will base its approaches, solutions and innovations around the versatility concept as an axis within the entire project. It will focus on the need for fast charging and long-lasting batteries to boost end user demands, while applying high modularity and easy assembly and developing novel testing methodologies for safety, profitability and circularity.
MARBEL will design, develop and demonstrate new modular, compact, lightweight and high-performance battery packs together with flexible and robust battery management systems for these BEV and PHEV, while maintaining safety levels, allowing fast, high quality and cost-effective large-scale production and following the “made by Ecodesign” principles. A set of modules easy to pack together and to disassemble would ease the manufacture and dismantling of different battery configurations sharing the same production process and common elements. MARBEL will develop and qualify future and innovative performance- and safety- related test procedures of developed functionalities such as the use of miniaturized housings, a flexible test-bench simulating integration-in-EV conditions (electric Vehicle In-the-Loop, eVIL) and artificial intelligence as a tool to reduce the time of laboratory experiments.
MARBEL aims at a triple win, for people, business and planet. MARBEL is expected to generate scientific and technological impacts, boost the appearance and consolidation of new players (especially SMEs) and business models, reinforce the European position in the global battery market, and contribute to environmental and societal targets.
MARBEL consortium is made of 16 partners from 8 different European countries, representative of the aimed multistakeholder collaboration and business drivers required for developing the battery pack of the future.

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