Proposal ID: 883321
ICCS project ID: 63113400
Role: Coordinator
Acronym: CitySCAPE
Topic: SU-DS05-2018-2019
Type of action: IA
Call identifier: H2020-SU-DS-2018-2019-2020

CitySCAPE: City-level Cyber-Secure Multimodal Transport Ecosystem

Duration in months: 36
Fixed keyword 1: Cybersecurity
Fixed keyword 2: Information Security Technologies, Communication technologies
Fixed keyword 3: Risks and vulnerabilities assessment
Fixed keyword 4: Interoperable secured communications (Security systems architecture)
Free keywords: Cybersecurity for Cloud-based services, Attack modelling and security assurance tools, City-transport passengers privacy, Threats investigation and impact assessment, Standards, Cybersecurity training

With the emergence of the digitization of information, ICT infrastructure and communications gave an unprecedented push towards the realization of truly interconnected passenger transport ecosystems at city-level. The emerging notion of multimodality supports a plethora of diverse transport services, typically offered from a central location. There however, the complex interconnected infrastructures ease the cyber-threats propagation while the underlying mosaic of fleets, personal hand-held devices and non-standardized data types increase the system’s attack surface and require the authorities collaboration to proactively handle severe incidents.
CitySCAPE leverages the skills and mature technology of its 15-partner consortium to systematically explore all different cybersecurity dimensions of multimodal transport. These dimensions will drive a characterization of the cyber-threats in the ICT multimodal transport, extended to the close-by power and financial sector. Innovative software tools will be introduced to estimate the threats propagation in the system. Then, CitySCAPE will realize a modular software toolkit enabled to be seamlessly integrated into any multimodal transport system to: a)detect suspicious traffic-data values and identify persistent threats; b)evaluate an attack’s impact in technical and notably in financial terms; c)combine external knowledge and internally-observed activities to enhance the predictability of zero-day attacks; d)instantiate a networked overlay to circulate informative notifications to CERT authorities and support their interplay. The CitySCAPE solution will be tested over a timely set of use-cases involving ticketing applications, cyber-fraud and location data in the regional transport system of two European cities, where extensive experiments will showcase its effectiveness. The findings will steer training sessions of expert/non-expert audience and shape a strong standardization contribution to security (labelling) protocols.

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