Proposal ID: 871900
ICCS project ID: 63110100
Role: Coordinator
Acronym: 5G-COMPLETE
Topic: ICT-20-2019-2020
Type of action: RIA
Call identifier: H2020-ICT-2018-2020

5G-COMPLETE: A unified network, Computational and stOrage resource Management framework targeting end-to-end Performance optimization for secure 5G muLti-tEchnology and multi-Tenancy Environments

Duration in months: 36
Fixed keyword 1: Communication networks, media, information society
Fixed keyword 2: Radio Frequency / Microwave Communications
Fixed keyword 3: Network infrastructures
Free keywords: mobile edge computing (MEC), 5G, software-defined networking, Virtualization, NFV, THz transceivers, mmWave, edge nodes

5G-COMPLETE aims to revolutionize the 5G architecture, by efficiently combining compute and storage resource functionality over a unified ultra-high capacity converged digital/analog Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Radio Access Network (RAN). By employing the recent advances in Ethernet fronthauling introduced by the eCPRI standard as a launching point, 5GCOMPLETE introduces and combines a series of key technologies under a unique architectural proposition that brings together i) the high capacity of fiber and high-frequency radio, ii) the audacity of converged FiWi fronthauling, iii) the spectral efficiency of analog modulation and coding schemes, iv) the flexibility of mesh self-organized networks, v) the efficiency of high-speed and time-sensitive packet-switched transport, vi) the rapid and cost-efficient service deployment through unikernel technology and finally vii) an enhanced security framework based on post-Quantum cryptosystems. 5GCOMPLETE’s proposed converged Computing/Storage/RAN infrastructure effectively merges the 5G New Radio fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul faculties into one common Ethernet-based platform and transforms the RAN into a low-power distributed computer that shapes new network concepts. 5G-COMPLETE’s results will be validated in a range of scalable lab- and fieldtrial demonstrators in Athens (Greece), Lannion (France) and Bristol (UK). Upon completion, 5G-COMPLETE will have introduced new business models and novel research opportunities that will be streamlined into tangible results by its 13 consortium partners that expand along the complete 5G research and market chain.

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