Proposal ID: SEP-210506387
ICCS project ID: 63105700
Role: Partner
Acronym: ARCADE
Topic: DT-ART-02-2018
Type of action: CSA
Call identifier: H2020-DT-ART-2018-2019-2020

Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe:ARCADE

Duration in months: 36
Fixed keyword 1: Automation
Fixed keyword 2: International cooperation
Fixed keyword 3: Mobility and transportation
Free keywords: Network, knowledge sharing, exchange

The mission of ARCADE is to coordinate consensus-building across stakeholders for sound and harmonised deployment of
Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CAD) in Europe and beyond. ARCADE supports the commitment of the
European Commission, the European Member States and the industry to develop a common approach to development,
testing, validation and deployment of CAD in Europe and beyond.
ARCADE involves 23 partners, 43 associated partners and over 500 subscribers, jointly forming the CAD network of
European experts and stakeholders from the public, industry and research sectors, with international outreach.
ARCADE uses a dual approach to identify and overcome bottlenecks and in parallel maximise consensus and synergy
between stakeholders. Using a road metaphor, ARCADE focusses on “removing road blocks, paving the road, prevent traffic
jams and providing navigation to a common destination”.
In an annual cycle, ARCADE positions the CAD Network (WP2) centrally which brings together the CAD community at
national, European and International levels. The Thematic Areas (WP3) work on content creation leading to consensusbased positions, needs and scenarios. The Knowledge Base (WP4) consolidates the CAD knowhow baseline and serves as
public one-stop shop overview of CAD.
The main results of ARCADE will be:
· Knowledge Base on CAD regulations and policy, on organisations & projects, on standards, on testing methodologies &
data and lessons learned
· Scenarios, positions, gap analysis and recommendations on 12 thematic CAD areas
· Updates of CAD roadmaps
· Common Research & Innovation approaches across EU, US, Japan and other countries involved
· Web and news flash promotion of national, European and international CAD activities

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