Proposal ID: 768953
ICCS project ID: 63104800-01
Role: Coordinator
Acronym: ICT4CART
Topic: ART-01-2017
Type of action: IA
Call identifier: H2020-ART-2016-2017

ICT Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Road Transport:ICT4CART

Duration in months: 36
Fixed keyword 1: Wireless communications, communication, high frequency
Fixed keyword 2: Road transport
Fixed keyword 3: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Free keywords: Connected and automated road transport, ICT infrastructure architectures, hybrid communications, cyber-security, data privacy, accurate localization, mobile edge computing, novel business models

ICT4CART, totally aligned with the work programme, is providing an ICT infrastructure to enable the transition towards road transport automation. To meet this high level objective ICT4CART is bringing together, adapting and improving technological advances from different industries, mainly telecom, automotive and IT. It adopts a hybrid communication approach where all the major wireless technologies, i.e. cellular, ITS G5 and LTE-V, are integrated under a flexible “sliced” network architecture.
This architecture will ensure performance and resilience for different groups of applications according to the needs of higher levels of automation (L3 & L4). On top of that a distributed IT environment for data aggregation and analytics, based on open Cloud Marketplaces, will be implemented. This offers seamless integration and exchange of data and services between all the different actors, allowing 3rd parties to develop, deliver and provide innovative services, thus creating new business opportunities. Cyber-security and data privacy aspects will be duly considered throughout the whole ICT infrastructure. In addition, novel localisation and mapping services, exploiting the communication network and information from other vehicles or sensors, especially in areas without GNNS coverage, will be addressed. Standardisation and interoperability are of high interest within ICT4CART in order to ensure the impact of the project towards enabling the transition to higher levels of automation. In this context issues related to the frequency spectrum will be investigated, while through the organisation of relevant workshops the engagement of policy makers and public authorities is ensured. To achieve its objectives ICT4CART, instead of working in generic solutions with questionable impact, it builds on four specific high-value use cases (urban and highway) which will be demonstrated and validated under real-life conditions at the three test sites in Austria, Germany and Italy

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