Proposal ID: 764452
ICCS project ID: 63101100
Role: Partner
Acronym: iDistributedPV
Topic: LCE-21-2017
Type of action: CSA
Call identifier: H2020-LCE-2016-2017

iDistributedPV: Solar PV on the Distribution Grid: Smart Integrated Solutions of Distributed Generation based on Solar PV, Energy Storage Devices and Active Demand Management

Duration in months: 28
Fixed keyword 1: Photovoltaics
Free keywords: Prosumers, distributed solar PV, energy storage devices, effective integration with the power system, development of effective solutions, active demand management, business and management models

iDistributedPV´s aim is developing affordable integrated solutions to enhance the penetration of distributed solar PV (buildings) based on the effective integration of solar PV equipment, energy storage, monitoring and controlling strategies and procedures, active demand management, smart technologies and the integration of procedures in the power distribution system according to market criteria. The project will develop the concept of “prosumer”: a player that consumes and produces electricity in his facilities (solar PV). iDistributedPV will be the EU common place for enhancing the distributed solar PV: promoters, equipment manufacturers, DSOs, energy policy experts and R&D players will work together to develop affordable solutions, and produce business and management models for these solutions. The most promising solutions will be validated according to technical and economic criteria (for every solution a cost-benefit analysis will be elaborated) in five different European real distribution grids (Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Poland and Germany) considering different climatic, regulatory and technical frameworks. The validation process will be a relevant argument to convince the power stakeholders (DSOs, equipment manufacturers, energy authorities, policy makers, etc.) about the suitability of the most effective distributed solar PV solutions such as smart electricity supply. iDistributedPV will provide technical and regulatory recommendations, mainly focused on enhancing an effective and active renewable energy contribution and effective demand management to the security and reliability of the electricity networks: evolution from a power system with a centralized electricity generation to a new one that also includes production/demand units (prosumers) based on renewable energy and smart technologies.

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