Proposal ID: 723314-2
ICCS project ID: 63099900
Role: Partner
Acronym: IMOVE
Topic: MG-6.1-2016
Type of action: RIA
Call identifier: H2020-MG-2016-2017

IMOVE:Unlocking Large-Scale Access to Combined Mobility through a European MaaS Network

Duration in months: 30

Following recent mega-trends in the mobile and sharing economy and thanks to the latest ITS developments, “Mobility as a Service” is conceived as the way people will move themselves and their goods in the future. The “as a service” paradigm can be a real revolution when it is able to ensure higher continuity among the different means of transport, and enable offering combined mobility packages as a viable alternative to fragmented mobility and car ownership. Though some MaaS initiatives have already been tested in Europe, they encountered several obstacles in reaching scale and stable business operation. IMOVE will learn from such initiatives as UBIGO in Gothenburg or Hannovermobil, launched a decade ago in Hannover, and will step forward contributing to radically change mobility paradigms bringing in disruptive elements of mobility services.
Innovative business and technology enablers will be investigated able to concretely put into action, accelerate and scale up the MaaS market deployment in Europe, ultimately paving the way for a “roaming” capability for MaaS users at the European level. IMOVE research and innovation action is based on investigation, development and validation of bottom up novel solutions able to define sound MaaS business models, smoothing their efficient and profitable service operation. A suite of ITS elements empowering MaaS schemes will be delivered by IMOVE, including technology components for real-time collection of fine-grained data on mobility user needs, habits and preferences as well as components enabling the exchange of information and enhancing seamless interoperability among different MaaS subsystems and multiple MaaS schemes.
IMOVE solutions will be investigated and validated in 5 European Living Labs, currently engaged in or having plans for MaaS development. The participation of UITP will ensure active participation of PTAs as well as key private stakeholders from other sites and will further guarantee a multiplier effect.