Proposal ID: 646184
ICCS project ID: 63090500
Role: Partner
Topic: LCE-07-2014
Type of action: RIA
Call identifier: H2020-LCE-2014-3

NOBEL GRID : New Cost Efficient Business Models for Flexible Smart Grids

Duration in months: 42
Fixed keyword 1: Energy systems (production, distribution, application)
Free keywords: ICT, DER, Demand response, standards, legislation, business models, storage

NOBEL GRID will develop, deploy and evaluate advanced tools and ICT services for energy DSOs cooperatives and medium-size retailers, enabling active consumers involvement –i.e. new demand response schemas – and flexibility of the market – i.e. new business models for aggregators and ESCOs.
Through the dual-use of telecommunication networks, and validating the integration of renewable generation presence and demand response systems, NOBEL GRID will offer advanced services to all actors in the retail markets of the electricity system in order to ensure that all consumers will benefit from cheaper prices, more secure and stable grids and low carbon electricity supply.
The project results will be demonstrated and validated in real world environments with active involvement of all the actors, and based on the new business models defined during the project.

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