Proposal ID: 653747
ICCS project ID: 63092500
Role: Partner
Acronym: City.Risks
Topic: FCT-10-2014
Type of action: RIA
Call identifier: H2020-FCT-2014

City.Risks : Avoiding and mitigating safety risks in urban environments

Duration in months: 36
Fixed keyword 1: Ensure collective protection (included secure public area)
Free keywords: safety and security in urban environments, real-time response to crime management, Proximity based mechanism to identify stolen objects

The main objective of the City.Risks project is to increase the perception of security of citizens in cities by activating in a more transparent and sustainable way their participation in communities, through which information and interventions can be provided both to proactively protect citizens from falling victims to criminal activities as well as to reactively provide more timely and effective response and assistance. In order to do so, the City.Risks project will leverage a set of innovative technologies, city infrastructures, and available data sources, but more importantly will aim at making the citizens’ smart phones the modern tool for increasing their personal and collective sense of security. The project will design and develop an innovative ecosystem of mobile services that will transform the smart phone or the tablet of the citizen into a tool that will collect, visualise and share safety-critical information with the appropriate authorities and communities. The project will rely on a wide spectrum of available technologies to design and implement an interactive framework among authorities and citizens through mobile applications that will allow in a collaboratively way to prevent or mitigate the impact of crime incidents or other security threats. Thus, it will contribute to an increase of the citizens’ perception of security, which will be measured and validated in real-life scenarios and conditions through the deployment and operation of pilot trials at several selected cities by the project partners. Moreover, to further found its sustainability, the project will devise business models and replication plans of its results that will contribute in the next generation innovative security solutions for the future smart cities.

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