Proposal ID: 731767
ICCS project ID: 63092300
Role: Coordinator
Topic: ICT-24-2016
Type of action: IA
Call identifier: H2020-ICT-2016-2017

SOCIALENERGY : A Gaming and Social Network Platform for Evolving Energy Markets’ Operation and Educating Virtual Energy Communities

Duration in months: 30
Fixed keyword 1: Digital games,
Fixed keyword 2: gamification,
Fixed keyword 3: applied games
Free keywords: green social network, virtual energy communities, virtual world, demand response, energy market

Technology transfer of gaming assets to non-leisure contexts such as the energy efficiency sector has become the “holy grail” of today’s research and industrial efforts towards a more sustainable energy system. The main objective of SOCIALENERGY is to develop, validate and demonstrate a gaming and social network platform for educating energy consumers and virtual energy communities towards evolving EU energy markets’ operation. In SOCIALENERGY’s virtual world, users are seamlessly educated via advanced gaming techniques in good practices and decision making related with energy efficiency. Subsequently, users are able to interact in SOCIALENERGY’s “real-world” platform, which will facilitate the easy, rich and deep communication among involved stakeholders from individual energy consumers and virtual energy communities, to utilities, policy makers, and even other indirect stakeholders (such as electric appliance retailers and building renovators) that will allow them to: i) discover each other, ii) educate themselves in order understand the difficulties and challenges that each one faces and iii) finally interact and trade among.  SOCIALENERGY aims at undertaking innovation actions to: a) apply and evolve recent incentive technologies (localized social externalities) towards effective use of behavioural economics in energy efficiency sector, b) educate and effectively incentivize utility customers via advanced gaming and gamification technologies, c) guarantee efficient and sustainable user engagement via self-organization and management of virtual energy communities, d) provide a single point of hosting and advertisement services to consumers, utilities and companies related with energy efficiency products and services, e) perform real-life small-scale but diverse experiments to validate proposed platform’s functionalities, f) provide energy information distribution as a service to interested stakeholders.

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